Royal Group Welcomes Tyler Security Customers To The Family

Royal Group has purchased the alarm business from Tyler Electric & Security.

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What this means for you…

  • Tyler Electric will continue with all your electrical/generator needs.
  • Royal Group will now be your go-to company for all your Alarm Monitoring and Security Service needs.


All Alarm accounts from Tyler Electric have been transitioned to Royal Group. Welcome to the family!

Royal Group has been working with Brad and Cindy at Tyler Electric for a long time, putting a lot of planning into our acquisition to make this transition as smooth as possible for you. Brad and Cindy have always run a first-class operation, so we’re very proud to have this opportunity. Tyler Electric will remain to do all the electrical and generator work that you’re used to, and we will be working with them side by side as we grow together. 

We understand that you are used to a particular way of doing business and want to make your transition as smooth as possible. We are going to do our absolute best to ensure you have a positive experience with the Royal Group team and are well-informed about any changes to the way you’ll interact with us.

You can even contact Rex Accavallo, Owner of Royal Group, directly at or call the office at 802-392-2960.

Thanks so much for your local business and support, and we look forward to working together!

Important Information

Monitoring / Central Station Information:

Home Security Monitoring Center. Stowe, VT. Call 802-253-2141.

Service Requests

Call us at 802-392-2960.


To get a quote for new Royal Group Services, you can use our online form by pressing the button below.