Intrusion Detection For Your Vermont Business

Know what is happening immediately and automatically alert the authorities.

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From Break-and-Enter to Loss Prevention

Royal Group exclusively specializes in Intrusion Systems. 

Whether you have just one location with a few door contacts and a motion detection, a large facility with hundreds of zones and multiple partitions, or multiple locations across multiple states, Royal Group can provide an extremely simple, user friendly, and effective Intrusion Alarm System using the Platform

“’s Intrusion detection technology enhances commercial property protection and eliminates common security system frustrations. Significantly reduce false alarms, retire old legacy panels and never worry if your system has been left unarmed again.”

Create Custom Scenes

Open or close your business with one button

We can customize an “Open” and “Close” button on your app for your business. By simply pressing “Open” in the morning, doors automatically unlock, the security system disarms and the lights turn on (for example). And at the end of a hard day, you leave the office and press “Close” all doors lock, the security system arms to away and the lights turn off. This is one scenario of how our solution can provide substantial convenience and increased efficiency for businesses. 

Ensure Your Business Opens On Time

Get notified instantly that your business opened on time. Set custom notifications and get alerted if your business is not opened on time

Add Smart Temperature Monitoring

Easily add Smart Temperature Monitoring to your security system. Get notified instantly of any temperature alerts. See the video below to learn more.

Smart Thermostat Control offers contemporary Smart Thermostats that integrate into your Security app. If you have a more involved heating and AC system we happily work along side your HVAC vendor to install and configure these.

Cannabis & Hemp Security

Full Design and Consulting Services

Let us help you professionally design your Security System from Intrusion Alarm to Access Control to Cameras. We work side by side with you as a consultant from design through to our installation and maintenance. 

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