Access Control for Your Vermont Home

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Prevent Unauthorized Entry

From front doors to service entrances, home offices to wine cellars and so much more, access control is a vital part of total home security.  An access control system not only prevents unauthorized entry, but it also guarantees access to authorized residents and visitors.  With access control systems, you can know who comes, who leaves, and when they do it.

No More Keys

Today’s advanced access control systems remove the need for a traditional key that can be lost, misplaced or stolen.  It also enables you to grant temporary access without having to hide a key or give your key to someone.  From weekend houseguest to repairmen, you can set up a temporary door lock code for whomever you choose, whenever you choose.

Instant Notification

Did the contractor show up on time?  Did your child come straight home?  With access control systems, you can receive a text or email notifying you who unlocked a door and when.  With the right system, you can even set your alarm system to disarm whenever the main door is unlocked between your specified time periods.

Gated Entry

Access Control systems can be integrated with intercoms, telephone access, video surveillance and other security software and hardware to provide an additional level of security against unwanted vehicles.  The professionals at Royal Group can show you how our systems can meet the unique and individual needs of luxury homeowners.

Unlock with Your Phone

This is an extremely convenient feature that allows you to unlock doors using your mobile device.  When someone arrives at your home, have him or her call you and you can unlock the door from your office, your vacation resort or wherever you may be.  Have them call when they leave and you can relock the door, just to be safe.

Access Control gives you a multitude of convenient options that safeguard your home and provide a simple, secure way to know and control who enters your home.

  • No more keys to share…or lose.
  • Know who unlocks a door…and when
  • Grant limited access to guests and/or contractors with temporary codes
  • Remotely unlock and lock doors
  • Receive instant notifications when someone enters your home

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