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Excellent security and superior fire protection for your home or business.

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Royal Group offers a variety of new and used safes and vaults for both commercial and residential use.

Our safes and vaults offer excellent security as well as providing superior fire protection. From home wall safes and commercial bank vaults to gun safes, The Royal Group offers the protection you require for all your valuables.

The Royal Group sells new safes as well as used safes that have been meticulously refurbished.  We also provide exceptional service for your vault and/or safe at home or at work. 

Services include:

Professional Safe Opening

Whether it’s a ‘portable’ safe you can bring to us or something too large to transport, the professionals at The Royal Group can successfully open a safe that is inaccessible due to lost or forgotten combination or faulty mechanism.

Safety Deposit Box Opening

Many times during estate settlement deposit box keys aren’t found. Our professionals can open your safety deposit box…without the key.

Combination Changes

When it becomes necessary to change a combination, look no further than The Royal Group.

Safe Lock Servicing

When a lock becomes jammed or faulty we can return it to its original condition so you can enjoy additional years of trouble-free service.

Digital Biometric Locks

Open your vault or safe with nothing but your fingerprint. Multiple fingerprints can be stored as needed.

Safe Refurbishing

From refinishing to mechanism and lock repair and hinge replacement, our skilled technicians can restore your safe or vault to pristine condition.

Safe Catalogs

Gun Safe Catalog – 2023

Product Catalog – 2023

Maintenance Agreements

Keep your safe or vault in top working condition with a Maintenance Agreements from The Royal Group.

Whether you’re shopping for a full-size vault for your business or a small safe for your personal valuables, The Royal Group can show you the latest offerings in new and used commercial and residential vaults and safes.  Should you require service, our trained vault and safe team have the experience and expertise to deliver the professional assistance you need with the personal courtesy and attention you deserve.

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