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Safety For The Whole Family

Protect your loved ones’ independence with proactive Wellness technology for their home. Installed and serviced by licensed and qualified professionals from The Royal Group.

Know They’re Safe

Is Mom up and about? Did Dad leave the house today?’s innovative Wellness solutions give you an easy way to know.

Wellness uses a system of non-intrusive sensors throughout the home to alert you when meaningful activity does, or doesn’t, happen.

The Royal Group certified technicians can install and service Wellness technology in any home.

Connect Anytime

Your Dad’s phone may not always be nearby. But the push to talk feature on our Wellcam camera means he can call you with one touch. Better yet, you can talk to him, and see him, through the Wellcam video feed in your app.

One Step Ahead

Many wellbeing issues are hard to detect initially. Wellness can help spot them by alerting you to unusual activity or subtle changes in routine.

  • Wandering: Dad’s bed sensor indicates that he’s been out of bed since 2:00 AM. 
  • Appetite: Mom’s refrigerator door sensor has been opened less than usual this week.
  • Inactivity: Dad’s chair sensor indicates that he’s sitting down longer and getting up less.

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