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Royal Group has been in the custom glass business for more than 85 years. You can trust us to bring your dream shower to reality.

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Custom Glass Gives People Bathroom Envy

It is amazing what a dazzling glass enclosure can do for the overall look of a bathroom. When you work with Royal Group, you get custom-designed glass for your shower, tub, or steam room. From stylish shapes, doors, glass types, and even glass effects, you can have something truly original and extraordinary. Etching, tempered glass, and safety glass: we develop just the right solution for your particular need using top-quality materials and unparalleled workmanship. Count on us for quality, customizable options for your glass shower door.

Royal Group has been in the custom glass business for a long time. We’re your trusted local partner for custom glass!

So many ways to customize your glass shower:

  • Opening and door styles.
  • Glass types and thickness.
  • Glass finishes.
  • Surface treatments.
  • Handle and hardware styles.
  • Any shape or size.
  • And just about anything you can dream up!
Custom Glass Shower in an upstairs bathroom.
Beautiful custom glass shower with gold fittings.
Subway tile custom glass shower.
Every Royal Group custom glass shower install comes with a care guide, squeeze, and professional glass cleaner.

More Reasons to Love Custom Glass Showers

Have you been wanting your dream bathroom now for a while? The most dreamy bathrooms feature custom glass showers because they:

  • Let light fill your whole bathroom.
  • Are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Makes your bathroom feel larger.
  • Gives a sleek, modern look.
  • Adds to your home value.
  • Look so much nicer than shower curtains. 

Let’s talk about making your dream bathroom come true.

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